MICRODOSIFY GUMMY – Passionfruit Pineapple

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Microdosify Gummies 3000mg

Unleash your inner creativity with Microdosify Gummies. Each gummy packs a powerful dose of 150mg, with 20 gummies per pack. That’s a total of 3000mg per pack, ready to give you the boost you need. These gummies not only provide a burst of euphoria and an uplift in your mood, but they may also increase your focus. Don’t wait, treat yourself to the sweet taste of success with Microdosify Gummies.   Ingredients: Sugar, tapioca syrup, gelatin, natural yellow colouring, natural mango flavouring, natural passion fruit flavouring, malic acid, Golden Teacher mushroom 150mg X 20 gummies per pack Total dosage 3000mg

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Psilocybin 3000 mg

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