ELEMENTS PAPERS – Ultra Thin Regular 1 1/4

Elements Ultra Thin Rice 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

Elements papers delivers a paper that’s rice’d; pressed to make it ultra slow burning and incredibly thin. Finished with just a thin strip of natural Acacia Gum and packaged up in this amazing pack. Bonus; the magnetic closure keeps the pack closed and your rolling papers fresh and new for so much longer than your standard pack of rolling papers transported in a pocket or purse.

Each Elements rolling paper is watermarked with the CrissCross imprint. This special watermark helps prevent runs and maintains the smoothest burn. All together, Elements are premiere rolling papers. Slow burning and flavorless with a natural acacia gum.

Best part about these rolling papers is that they burn with zero ash; except for a tiny line of residue caused by the gum turning into caramel as it burns (vegan of course).

Leaves/Pack: 50
Packs/Box: 25
Glue: Natural
Paper Size: 1 1/4
Paper Style: Rice

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