Flowers Hybrid|Indica


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This strain can be purchased in 7-28 gram quantities. STRAIN INFO: Blunicorn is an exotic strain and new to the marijuana scene created by In-House Genetics. They created this amazing, one-of-a-kind strain by crossing UnicornPoop with Blue Sherbet. Chances are you’ve never heard of Blunicorn but one of its parents, Blue Sherbet, is a strain that has made it into the mainstream. Blue Sherbet is a cross between Blue Cookies and Sunset Sherbet which are both very popular strains. Blunicorn is considered a rare, designer strain that takes its users on a magical journey through space and time with its cerebral and uplifting effects. Despite the uplifting cerebral highs, it balances out quite nicely with a relaxing body buzz. In life, when you see a unicorn and don’t make a move, you miss out! So don’t miss out and regret it. Grab this Blunicorn while you still can!

Strain Hybrid|Indica
Grade AAAA Designer
Cultivator Private Master ACMPR

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